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    It's John "RICK" Zeigler's special talent to draw upon classic writing traditions and apply them in a fresh contemporary ways. Rick has the ability to lace PHAT tracks with words that flow smoothly with any melody. With words that are easy to follow, his lyrics enhances the imagination and take you to the story line of the song and snatch the listener arithmetically into the Hook.

   From the progressive pop/rock of the Glass House Band to the modern sounds of his current writing/productions, Rick has distinguished himself in a wide range of musical endeavors.  Having a musical family has its advantages. Throughout his musical career he has had the opportunity to experience the personal touch of artist such as:

Betty Wright          The Isley Brothers

The Gap Band          Mother's Finest

Stevie Nix            October Road

The Hue's Corporation  

As a member of the innovative pop/rock group Glass House, Rick toured extensively. Rick's contribution to the bands sound as a song writer, vocalist, and producer has served him well. The Glass House Band recorded the song Lollipop which was written and produced by Rick. As a freelance writer and BMI affiliate he has had the opportunity to write for the European based CBS Records, Hotline Records, and Basetown Music. Rick has recently written and composed songs at Vision Records and has written songs for Joyce Kennedy and Mothers Finest. Rick is presently working on a soon to be released project for the Masters of Funk "CAMEO". He has been contacted by the group Tavares, and Bobby Thomas the worlds greatest percussionist to assist in writing songs for his new release in the summer of 1999.