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     started my musical career as a bass player at the age of 16 with local bands. But the time my 18th birthday rolled around I knew this was the life that I would grow to love. It was easy for me to play all types of music. Learning the many and varied aspects of music while growing up in and around studios added to my love of music. The art of song writing and producing as well as learning how studios work became the thing to do.

    Working with such great artist as Benny Latimore, Marcia, Timmy Thomas, Raw Soul express, Betty Wright, Little Beaver, George McCrae, Gwen McCrae, KC and The Sunshine Band, King Sporty and Clarence Ried has been a major highlight of my life.

    Commercials for McArthur milk and Coca Cola early in my career only added to my experience. and would play a major role later.

    By the age of 19 I started writing and producing, this lead me to Bobby Caldwell. We Produced and wrote songs on three albums of the Blue Notes. At this time my career was gaining speed. I started playing other types of music, and building my musical abilities. Playing for bands from around the county enhanced my skills. Touring with Steven Stills, Andy Gibb, Crosby, Stills and Nash Samantha Sang, and Joe Walsh for 3 years really was an enhancement to my love of music. Two Live Crew dance, Don Felder, the Eagles and many whom I still record for now. Some for 20 years or more. The Bee Gees for 15 years, which included tours with John Cougar, Dionne Warwick, Gloria Estefan and John Sacatacks.

    My career also included movie sound tracks with Urban Cowboy by Paramount pictures, Amazing Grace and Chuck Tri-Star. Tri-Entertain Partners. Commercials for the Florida Lotto.

    At this time in my life, I am the proud co-founder and Owner of HookMasters Publishing. Here I will continue the tradition of hit making, opportunities for TV and Movie Productions for another generation of up and coming artist.